10 MM or Bust?


Do you think¬†the 10 mm one of the best rounds out there to have in your gun cabinet? When I carry my 9 mm I also carry bear spray. With the 10 mm I know if needed it can get the job done. It works and does so very well, it doesn’t matter if the predator has two or four legs. Also if you have a 10 mm who is the manufacturer and why did you choose it?

2 thoughts on “10 MM or Bust?”

  1. The Glock 20 4th Gen.
    I am going to choose it cause of Jeff Cooper Invented the 10mm. and he one i respected in the Gun world.
    Plus it came out after the 1986 Miami shootout in Florida.
    I was living in Florida at the time.
    Plus one of my favorite show Miami vice Sonny Crockett
    Had the Bren ten 10 mmm in the first 2 seasons.
    Plus overall sheer power i feel i have the power i need in a hand gun. Plus 10 mm is my favorite round.

    1. The only reason the FBI stopped using the 10mm is it was too powerful with the original full loads. I hear Bren Ten has a new 10mm in production. I think this is a great all purpose round. If I had to stop a bear or a person and only had a handgun the 10mm would be a great choice for me.

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